Friday, March 19, 2010

Why Designer Inspired Handbags?

Why Designer Inspired Handbags make sense.  First, lets start by saying that we are talking about Designer Inspired Handbags, not replica or knockoffs handbags.  There is a big difference.  Replicas and Knockoffs are illegal.  Designer Inspired handbags are fashion handbags that simply give you a similar look to the high end designer bags and are not sold with designer names or tags on them.

Let's face it, Designer handbags are just too expensive.  $300-$2000 for a handbags is just out of reach for most people.  Designer Inspired Handbags usually  run under $40.00 per bag.  Lower price does not mean cheap or poor quality.  In some cases you can purchase 10 or more designer inspired handbags for the price of 1 designer handbag.  One thing for sure about fashion, here today and gone tomorrow.  It's a little easier to let that $40.00 bag gather dust than the $400.00 one. 

At Gifts By Madison we specialize in Designer Inspired Handbags and wallets.  We offer the latest styles at the best prices around.  If you like designer handbags, come see what the designer inspired world has to offer.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spring is around the corner

Spring is near and If you are anything like me, I CAN'T WAIT!   With sunnier days come brighter colors and fresh new styles.  At Gifts By Madison we've got the new styles and colors for spring.  Designer Inspired Handbags that will have your friends asking, where did you get that handbag?  Checkout some of the fresh trendy new arrivals that are priced just right.

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