Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Great Styles for All Year Round

Styles come and styles go.  I'm sure everyone remembers the guitar handbag.  Come on, you know you own one and it's now somewhere buried in the back of a closet.  Don't feel bad we all fall for the style of the day at some point.  Finding the right Designer Inspired Handbag or Fashion Handbag is not always easy.  At Gifts By Madison we offer classic styles that stand the test of time. 

Of course, the Paddington Satchel is an all time favorite.  Day, evening, casual or dressed to impress, this handbag does it all.    Truly a must have for any closet.  Buy the original and it will set you back almost a grand.  The Designer Inspired Paddington Satchel gives you that same great look for a fraction of the cost.

Let's be real.  It is impossible to talk about  classic styles without talking Coach.  The Coach C is probably the most recognized trademark in handbag history.  At Gifts By Madison, we don't sell the originals or imitations or knockoffs handbags.  We sell high quality Designer Inspired and Fashion Handbags that give you the high priced celebrity look for less. This classic Jacquard fabric with signature print is a must have.

So, if you bought that guitar handbag, shame on you.  Just don't tell your friends.  Tell us what you think.