Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Handbags for 2010

  Giraffe Print, Patchwork or Snakeskin? What style will be "the style" of 2010? I guess if you had to pick a winner for 2009 most would say that Giraffe Prints was the handbag of choice for 09'. Patchwork designs, though very popular, just didn't seem to have it for 09 while Snakeskin bags just couldn't gain any traction for the year.
  Well, we won't know who the winner is until this same time next year. But at Gifts By Madison we're ready to make or predictions for 2010. Drumrole please. The predicted winner for 2010 will be Snakeskin, and in a big way. No love lost for Giraffe Prints, actually they will probably continue to do well .  But, 2010 won't be 2009.

Have the look for less.

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